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Professional management of multimedia collection


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Under the name of iView MediaPro we will find a powerful Microsoft application which will let you keep in order ay multimedia collection (pictures, videos, music,...)

At first it was desgigned for photo professionals, but its usability and wide range of compatibility open the doors of other kind of users and fileformats collections.

It supports up to 100 different fileformats, icluding RAW files, NEF, CRW, DCR or SRF files, so you will not have any problem when collecting your own photos.

Its main function is to catalogue and organize any photo collection, so you will be able to add extra informatin about each one.

In addition you will not need a third party program for editing the photos because it includes a built-in edition tool.

At last, you will be able to export hte content as thumbnail presentation, movie, pdf, web gallery and more.

21 days trial version

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